Reinvigorating a sleeping giant with Bauer Media

Bringing the Downtown Brand to life for Bauer Media 

“Brand Ambition have revitalised the Downtown Brand. For a number of years the station had an outdated image which was impacting on the listenership. We now have a modern, fresh new identity which is designed to exploit our evolving demographic and digital platforms. Reach and Hours continue to improve substantially.” .
Simon Mann

Commercial Director, Bauer Media


After working with Bauer Media over the years, we’ve become a trusted partner for them and their brands of radio stations – some of the biggest in Northern Ireland. 

Owned and operated by Bauer media, The Downtown Radio brand is synonymous with radio in the country and has been for more than four decades.   

From a total brand overhaul, a creation of a new brand identity for a new radio station and social media, to email marketing, advertising and B2B campaigns, we’re the go-to agency for Bauer Media in Northern Ireland when it comes to anything visual. 

It’s a relationship that has been built and advanced over time. Our honest approach, and tireless work ethic combined with excellent results has developed a relationship that we’re incredibly proud of and we look forward to continuing for years to come. 

A New Brand Identity – Downtown Radio Brand Identification


The way that radio is being consumed is changing rapidly. Smart speakers, apps and online listening have introduced a whole new world of choice. 

Unlike the evolution of how we consume music, the brand identity for Northern Ireland’s original commercial radio station hadn’t changed since the eighties.

The Challenge: 

A new identity was required that reflected the changing face of the station in a way that appealed to its listeners.  

After extensive research, insight and exploration, it was decided that the new identity for Bauer Media would appeal to listeners who wanted to simply hear great popular music. 

The Solution

This fresh, simple and modern brand solution emphasises and accommodates this evolution of how listeners consume music. Its relevant iconography has been created, with the standout D at the start of Downtown hinting towards the pressing of a ‘play’ button. 

Meanwhile, the strap-line reflects the brand’s ambitions and inherent strengths, with a line that points to exactly what listeners get when they tune in, and a brand strength that has been built upon for decades – great music.

Alongside the nod to the way we now consume music and a strap-line that really gets to grips about the strength of Downtown, the brand has been designed in such a way that it can also be used across a range of different platforms, without ever losing its impact or key recognizable traits. 


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