Our Process.

End to End Brand & Digital Marketing from Excite to Explode.

A four-phased strategic approach

Digital marketing can be overly complex. There is a lot to do and getting a cohesive strategy isn’t easy with all the different mediums you are expected to participate on.

Our process is as much about working out what you don’t need, as much as, what you need to be doing.

It starts with Explore.

Every one of our campaigns starts with our Market Research and Competitor Analysis phase to uncover the DNA of your target customers, taret search results and outline short, medium and long term objectives.

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Get your Brand, Logo and Designs in order.

From logo design, branding rules and producing sales materials, the Excite phase of our digital marketing services sets the rules around your brand. Filling your team and customers with excitement for what is to come.


Web Design, Content and Technical SEO.

Looking to push your brand to the next level? Our ignite phase takes the rules and applies them. Building up the foundations and engaging with your customers.




Digital PR, Ads and Social Media Management

Set your sales on fire with a combination of digital marketing services with an SEO First approach.



Services and Phases


Strategy Development

Market Research

Customer Profiling

Digital Competitor Analysis

Technical SEO Review

Keyword & SERP Research

Social Media Review & Analysis


Brand Development

Logo Design

Brand Guidelines

Sales Asset Development



Web Design


Advert Development

Technical SEO Implementation

Local SEO

Content Writing

Social Media Management

Web Development


Digital PR

Link Building

Digital Ad Management

Social Media Engagement

Content Marketing

Ad Campaign Creation

Full-Service SEO


Achieve your ambition

Let’s go grab a coffee. We’ve got a lot to talk about. It’s time to Excite. Ignite. and Explode. your business into reaching your ambitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Excite. Ignite. Explode.?

Digital Marketing and the range of services can be difficult to explain, so using our experience at Brand Ambition, we came up with a four-stage process that represents the different phases you go through in a marketing campaign.

Step 1 – Explore. This is our market research phase, it helps us get to know you, your brand and most importantly who we will be competing against.

Step 2- Excite. This is the creative phase, where our in-house design team creates assets such as logos, designs or videos that will be used throughout a marketing campaign.

Step 3 – Ignite. In this phase we are writing content, uploading social media posts or we could be developing websites. This is the phase where everything from the planning is starting to come together, but the campaign hasn’t reached a huge audience yet.

Step 4 – Explode. This is where we use active Lead Generation techniques such as Digital PR, Paid Advertising and Social Media to generate traffic, revenue and in-bound leads. It’s also the phase where our SEO campaigns reach their full potential.

How does the Excite. Ignite. Explode. process work with the services I want?

The services we recommend will come from a combination of the early discussions we have and within our initial set-up and market strategy phrase, the Explore. process. We can work together to form a package that is bespoke to you, a marketing strategy that fits your exacting requirements and of course you can use us for one service or all of them.

We get the best results and the happiest clients from being your flexible digital & brand marketing provider.

Do you do one-off projects?

Like any agency, we prefer working with our clients on an ongoing basis, but as a trial, we are totally open to one-off projects. Simply get in touch using the contact details and let us know what you’re looking for.