Explosive Digital Brand Marketing

Brand Ambition is a people-first, socially-conscious, family-owned, award winning digital marketing agency based in Leeds and Belfast that Excites, Ignites and Explodes challenger SME brands with a focus on end-to-end delivery. That’s from branding and design to digital lead generation in the form of SEO, PR Social Media and Paid Advertising.

In other words, we do marketing for socially conscious and ethically focused businesses…but like, really, really well.


Our Process


We get our kicks from building brands.

But not just a logo. No. We’re obsessed with defining the rules that keep your brand looking consistent and professional no matter who has hold of it. Then we take the rules and push them to the limits, because we know which ones you can break.

The Brand Ambition team get positively giddy over Typefaces, Photography, Video and pretty much any form of digital and physical content creation…and don’t even get us started on Billboards.

Case Studies


We revamped the Downtown Radio brand to modernise it and bring it in line with listener expectations. With a listenership of over 280,000 a week it was important to give structure and guidance to one of the powerhouses of N.I. Radio.



HealthNetConnections needed a brand that showed off that they had dominance in the Medtech sector before it was popular.

We gave the team structure, a new brand and a new website to help achieve that.


Neill Wine

Taking the logo they started the company with, we evolved the Neill Wine brand to represent the crisp and close to nature characteristics of the wine they sell.

Then we created an online store so they could expand their customer base beyond their two physical stores.



The foundations of a campaign are important.

Technical SEO, Web development, SEO rich content plans and social media management are all part of igniting customers to interact closer with the brand.

Our ignite phase kickstarts the chain reaction that leads to building successful and profitable marketing campaigns


Our Services

Strategy Development

We work together to create a flexible marketing strategy that helps you achieve your ambitions.

Full-Service SEO

Technical SEO, content writing, digital PR and local SEO make up the four pillars of our SEO First digital marketing campaigns.


Content Creation

 Anyone can write content. Some people write great content. At Brand Ambition we write SEO First, customer engaging, shareable content and then sprinkle it with awesome design assets.

We’ll even upload it to your website.


Brand Development

More than just a logo. Our brand development gives you the rules and structure to make your business always look professional.

Digital PR

With a particular focus on Data-led and traditional, our Digital PR is designed to support SEO campaigns achieve ambitious results.

Social Media

The first stop for branding and brand recognition. Our experienced team of social media professionals may be Gen Z, but their natural affinitity with engaging online gives them the edge.

Brand Delivery

From business cards to conference posters, social media banners to adverts we support you in whatever graphic design or brand design service requirement you need to help you win new customers.

Web Design

Creating rich, SEO First websites that fit within the key brand guidelines is no easy task. Luckily we have a fantastic team of designers and developers ready to support.

Paid Media

Modern digital techniques and knowledge combined with traditional advertising know-how means our Paid Advertising campaigns just hit different.

Low CPCs, Strategic budget spending and clever advertising means awesome ROAS.



That feeling when a great idea comes together.

Our campaigns don’t just hit the target. When all the pieces align a great marketing campaign trancends the targetted results and to get there requires a team with combined knowledge and experience working together to achieve brilliant results.

Now…I wonder where we could find one of those?

The Choice is Yours