HNC – HealthNetConnections

Creating a modern health technology brand for a company that was operating before #healthtech was trendy and that still stands out against a market with rising competition was the challenge set down when Brand Ambition took over the marketing at HealthNetConnections.

With multi-national offices, we needed to create a new logo, brand and a flexible set of structured rules that allowed local markets to flourish, but remain consistent.


The results

We simplified the name with a structured rollout plan and built a new multi-lingual website that local teams had control of and a set of brand guidelines that allowed for flexibility and creativity but supported the brand to remain consistent.

The team at Brand Ambition have helped to…

Alongside the brand rollout, the team at Brand Ambition helped HNC enage with new prospects through advertising, SEO and PR. Working with the local teams in the UK and Spain, we protect the authenticity of the brand whilst also supporting the sales team’s to communicate to new potential customers.

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Sales Support

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