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Spark* Content powered by Brand Ambition is about future-forward brands that are looking for a scaleable way to write regular and authentically better content, driven by insight, that works well with both users and search engines.

We are a team of SEO focused, creative thinkers that utilise a full-stack of AI and data driven technology to fill content calendars that helps your website rank better than your competitors.

In other words…we generate traffic and revenue through writing content, better.

Passionate about taking businesses to the next level, we can help you achieve your ambitions in an affordable way.

Spark* Content | Pricing and Packages

Why Spark* Content?

Spark* Content is not only an affordable way to outsource your onsite content and keep it consistent, it’s also the perfect way to power up your SEO campaign. As an end-to-end branding agency, not only do we take care of the content writing, but we can also ensure that content looks incredible and brings your brand tone of voice to life.

With content being so important in any marketing strategy, we fully understand the strategic reasoning behind putting your content first. We combine the latest in AI technology with competitor analysis, SEO research and a structured writing process to create content that just reads and ranks better.

But don’t worry, the content isn’t just spat out by ChatGPT or a similar AI writing tool, we only use AI to generate insights, perform competitor analysis, SEO Keyword Research and then one of our Professional in-house content writers will craft your content.

The best thing about Spark* Content, is that we agree on the deliverables upfront, set our deadlines and hit them. Every time. Unlimited amends come as standard, so you only have to worry about what project to focus on next.

What’s included in a Spark* Content package?

A Spark* Content package can be built around your requirements but focuses on delivery. We understand that consistency is the number one frustration with marketing, SEO and content writing.

Spark* Content puts that consistency front and centre. Regular posts, research, insights, graphics and design support.

A content marketing plan focused on output, guided by strategic insights. No excuses, no delays, no fuss and a contract term that you’re comfortable with…now isn’t that a refreshing approach?

Reliably Explosive Results

John Minnis Estate Agency

Brand Ambitions Spark* team have been working with John Minnis over the last two years on transforming their content marketing approach across the website in an effort to drive additional traffic, sales and revenue.

Through our initial Explore. audit, we were able to identify some key areas of improvement that would provide a clear competitive advantage in a competitive local estate agency market. 

The campaign focused on creating content that engaged with local phrases, customers and businesses to create user-friendly website content that could be utilised on social media and in PR campaigns.

The SEO results have been explosive with an increase of over 70% in the top 3 rankings & a 101% increase in ranking keywords in less than a year.


Increase in Ranking Phrases YoY


Increase Top 3 Rankings

Non-Branded Organic Impressions



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Spark* Content | Service Descriptions

SEO First Blog / News / Insights / Research Posts

A blog post, isn’t the correct justification for what we craft, but it’s the widest understood term so we are kind of stuck with it.

Our team of professional content creators craft SEO-focused blog posts tailored to your brand voice and messaging. These are not just ordinary blog posts; they are data-driven, researched, and designed to rank well on search engines, driving traffic and revenue to your website.

Blog Briefs

To ensure consistency and quality, we provide detailed blog briefs that outline the strategy, topic, keywords, and structure for each blog post. These briefs serve as a roadmap, guiding the content creation process and ensuring alignment with your brand and marketing objectives.

Competitor Insights:

Stay ahead of the competition with our competitor insights service. We analyse your competitors’ content and SEO strategies, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and use this information to inform your own content strategy. This gives you a competitive edge and helps you understand what content performs best in your industry.

Keyword Research

We employ advanced AI and data-driven technology to perform thorough keyword research. This involves identifying high-performing keywords relevant to your business and industry, which are then used to optimise your content, enhancing its visibility on search engines and attracting more targeted traffic.

Live Work in Progress Report

Transparency is key in our working process. With our live work-in-progress report, you can follow the progress of your content creation in real-time. This ensures you are always in the loop and can provide input at any stage of the process.

Dedicated Account Manager

As a client, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will be your primary point of contact. They will coordinate all your content needs, ensure deadlines are met, and answer any questions you may have, providing personal attention and service.

Graphic Design Support

Our in-house team of graphic designers will create visually compelling graphics to accompany your content. Whether it’s infographics, blog post images, or social media graphics, we ensure your content is visually engaging and aligns with your brand identity.

Unlimited Amendments

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we offer unlimited amendments to our work. We will revise and tweak the content until it matches your vision and expectations perfectly. The caveat here is that we will only work on one post at a time until we get it right. 

Blog Uploading

The number one killer to SEO progress is a lack of regular and consistent publication.

To save you time and effort, we offer blog uploading services. We will handle the process of uploading your new blog posts to your website, ensuring they are properly formatted, SEO-optimised, and ready for your audience to read.

Monthly Reporting Dashboard

With our monthly reporting dashboard, you can easily track the performance of your content. This includes metrics like traffic, engagement, and rankings on search engines. This data-driven approach allows you to measure the ROI of your content and informs future strategy.

SEO Strategy Consultancy

As part of our service, we offer SEO strategy consultancy. This involves analysing your current SEO performance, providing recommendations for improvement, and helping you develop an effective SEO strategy to improve your website’s visibility on search engines.

Want something for Nothing?

Download our Cultural Brand Strategy Board

As part of our Explore. audit, we help you define your Brand and the culture you want to portray. Using our Cultural Brand Strategy Board, we ask the right questions to help you define your company culture.

Download it for free now, simply by clicking on this link. 

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