The one that comes first

Written by Sam

Where do you start a company blog?

An opening mission statement? A resolution for the future? A statement of all things that will come and an idea of mindset. Maybe even a bit of background on how we came to be?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Brand Ambition Logo

The name wasn’t easy. Nothing in 2020 has been easy. The company name was important to us. We felt we needed something that reflected two sides of our marketing coin. I bring the Digital side, having worked for over 10 years in agencies, focusing and honing skills in a range of digital specialities, but always SEO First.

It isn’t mentioned. For marketing in the 2020’s, it is implicit.

Brand. That belongs to Robin. A creative genius, although he would hate the phrase or even the idea of being named as such. I’ve watched Robin create beautiful masterpieces at Christmas time on a blackboard. Intricate drawings of masterful Christmas scenes in a range of chalk colours that could have sat proudly on a shop shelf amongst the Christmas cards, only for him to scrub it out and start something fresh, just for the joy of it.

Brand matters. It is the foundation of professionalism. It is the requirement for recognition. It is the start of a journey and the support to see it through.

Ambition. Born out of a pandemic. Created as a reaction to circumstances, but forged into something everlasting. As a company, we knew we needed to be ambitious to grow quickly, during a recession and at as difficult a time as businesses have seen in recent years. But, inspiring ambition in our customers. That is why we chose the word.

Ambition is the drive. The will to make something happen. The creativity to think of solutions during adversity and the clarity to maximise an opportunity when it is finally going your way.

When we speak to you, one of the first things we will ask is What is your ambition?

Ours is simple. We want to help you reach your brand aspirations. We want your customers to recognise your logo before they even know your name. We want your digital presence to be seamless and customer journey to be flawless.

No jargon. No over promises. No tricks. Just good ol’fashioned brand marketing wrapped in a, mostly, digital delivery. But we do make fantastic brochures, magazines and print advertising too.