John Minnis Estate Agency

Explosive Search Engine Marketing for local, independant estate agents.

The challenge

We met John at a charity event and quickly realised that he, like many others, had been burned by digital marketing agencies in the past. We knew we could do better, and we were excited to show him how.

The challenge was to help John Minnis, an estate agency, get more property valuations and secure more landlords for their managed rental service. The team was confident they could do the rest once we delivered the leads.

The campaign

During our initial Explore. audit meetings, John said something that struck a chord with us and became the basis for our strategy. We focused on strategic location-based ad targeting and used multiple platforms to create local awareness. Since trust and familiarity are crucial in an estate agency, we made sure to show ads at key searching times and locations to maximize the budget.


Our SEO-first content campaign focused on optimizing listings and landing pages to drive additional traffic that we knew would convert based on the paid ads



Increase in Top 10 Rankings


ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

Extra Ranking Keywords


Top 100 Non-Branded Increase

The results

Our cross-search campaign not only delivered leads but also helped redefine John Minnis’s approach to digital marketing objective setting.

We achieved impressive year-over-year ranking position increases for branded and non-branded search phrases. We also generated over 2,500 additional top 100 non-branded phrases in year 1 and over 450,000 sessions.

Through our digital marketing tech transformation, we implemented targeted paid advertising, set up conversion tracking, and created a live reporting dashboard that provided up-to-the-minute reporting from any device. We also helped John Minnis set clear goals and objectives.

Our paid media efforts saw an 8% interaction rate, 11% conversion rate, and below £2.50 conversion cost, resulting in a ROAS of 14,557%.

No, we didn’t think the percentages went that high either.

Paid Media

Video Creation


Full-Service SEO


Strategy Development

It started with Explore.

It all started with our Explore. audit, during which we completed a full analysis of the local market. We identified SEO and PPC opportunities that competitors weren’t capitalizing on, key locations for raising brand awareness, areas of improvement for better conversion rates, and gaps in the reporting structure.

The process allowed us to identify:

  • SEO opportunities that competitors weren’t capitalising on.
  • A clear opportunity for affordable Paid Media.
  • key locations for raising brand awareness.
  • key areas of website improvement, preventing better conversion rates.
  • Gaps in the current digital reporting infrastructure, helping to create better objectives and targets.

If you’re interested in learning more about our expertise in real estate search marketing, feel free to download our whitepaper on “How to Generate Digital Valuations in an Independent Estate Agency in 2023.”

At Brand Ambition, we’re committed to delivering on our promises and helping our clients achieve their digital marketing goals.

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