My Journey into PPC and Online PR: My Career Journey (Part iii)

Written by Luke

As a digital marketing enthusiast, I’ve always been fascinated by the diverse array of strategies and tools at our disposal. Recently, I decided to dive deeper into two areas that seemed both intriguing and essential, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Online Public Relations (PR). Here’s a glimpse into the start of my journey learning these two distinct yet complementary realms of digital marketing.

Discovering the Power of PPC

PPC started with a blend of curiosity and necessity. I had been working on several organic campaigns and realised that while SEO is crucial, it can be a slow burn. I needed a different way to drive traffic and see results. Enter PPC.

Initially, the world of PPC felt overwhelming. Google Ads, keyword bidding, ad copy, Quality Scores—there was so much to grasp. I began with the basics, understanding how PPC works and the key terminology. I found Google’s free resources, particularly the Google Ads certification, to be incredibly helpful. They offered a structured way to learn, complete with quizzes and practical exercises.

Campaign Creation

Our resident expert gave me tasks to help learn the process of setting up a campaign, I was nervous. I started selecting a handful of keywords and phrases that were relevant to the campaign. Crafting the ad copy was a creative challenge—I had to be concise yet compelling, making every word count. Coming up with various ways to phrase a similar keyword. I think the real test will come when launching the campaign.

Although I am yet to launch a full campaign, PPC is not a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. I’m sure I’ll learn the importance of monitoring the campaigns closely. Using Google Analytics and click conversions. There is so much that goes into a campaign, it’s not something you can learn overnight or even in a few weeks. The learning process will take time but it’s a new area I look forward to.

Embarking on Online PR

Although my journey with PPC is not complete, I was told about the need to build a strong brand presence and reputation. That’s when my attention was turned to Online PR. Unlike PPC, which is more data-driven and immediate, PR requires a different skill set focused on storytelling and relationship-building. I started by understanding the fundamentals of PR—crafting press releases, building media lists, and pitching stories. It was crucial to identify the right outlets and journalists who would be interested in my content. I spent hours researching, reading industry blogs, and even reaching out to a few PR professionals for advice.

Crafting and Pitching Stories

Writing press releases was a new challenge. Unlike ad copy, PR writing had to be informative, engaging, and newsworthy. I wrote, rewrote, and edited countless drafts before feeling confident enough to send them out. Pitching stories was another hurdle—I had to craft personalised pitches, making sure they were relevant to each journalist’s interests. A great tool for this was the online Udemy course videos

Measuring Success

One of the trickiest parts of PR is measuring success. While PPC offers clear metrics like clicks and conversions, PR success is often more qualitative. However, a press release that we sent out has recently been picked up by a journalist and published. Which was a great feeling not just for myself but for the company as a whole.

Embarking on the journey of learning PPC and Online PR has been incredibly rewarding. Each has its unique challenges and rewards, but together, they have significantly enhanced my digital marketing toolkit. Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your skills, I encourage you to dive in and explore these dynamic areas of digital marketing. The lessons you’ll learn and the skills you’ll gain are invaluable in today’s digital landscape.

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