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Spark* powered by Brand Ambition is about future-forward brands that are socially conscious, focussed on making waves in their industry.

We are a team of creative thinkers, brand strategists and content creators that consistently deliver high-quality content. You know where you want to be and want support you can trust at a price that compliments your growth.

In other words…we do digital marketing for businessess that care about the world they’re leaving behind.

Passionate about taking businesses to the next level, we can help you achieve your ambitions in an affordable way.

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Spark* Pricing and Packages

Why Spark*?

Spark. is a digital marketing content and social media solution that helps you generate consistent, strategic content and rich media in the form of blog posts, social media graphics and videos.

Our service is focused on giving you back time to focus on growing your business. Unlike other digital marketing services, you won’t have to guess what you get, or how much it costs. Each package can be tailored to your exact requirements, but you can also pick from the options below.

You’ll get what you pay for and we will support you with advice on the strategy where you need it.


What’s included in a Spark* package?

A Spark* package can be built around your requirements but focuses on content delivery. We understand that consistency is the number one frustration with marketing.

Spark* puts that consistency front and centre. Regular blogs, social media, videos, advertisements and graphic design support.

A marketing plan focused on output, guided by strategic insights. No excuses, no delays, no fuss and a contract term that you’re comfortable with…now isn’t that more refreshing than an ice pop on a hot summer’s day?

Reliably Explosive Results

Keighley Laboratories – Video Campaign

In Christmas 2021, we devised a campaign that would not only help promote the services on offer at Keighley Laboratories, but also combine with a local charity partner to raise awareness around their services.

The campaign focused on using relevant data, the machinery in house at Keighley Labs and a strong message to illustrate the impact of waste around Christmas time.

The locally focused campaign obtained a fantastic number views and crucial media coverage. The campaign also raised money for the charity mentioned.

Despite a small budget, Brand Ambition and Keighley Labs managed to achieve some explosive results.


Year on year Linkedin page view increase


Increase in social traffic referrals

Video views


Engagement rate

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Spark* Service Descriptions

Explore. - SEO First™ Strategy Development

With SEO at the heart of everything we do, we start off with an Explore Audit, conducting keyword research, competitor analysis and a technical SEO audit. From this, we create a simple-to-follow twelve-month strategy with supporting content and social media plan of activity that we deliver.

Set-up also includes Live Reporting Set-up, Content Calendar Creation and Social Media Access Set-up

SEO First™ Content Writing with Intelligent Insights

What will give your content the edge over competitors? How many words do you need to write? What topics will have the biggest impact on rankings?

Our in-house writing team utilises AI competitor insights to create SEO First impactful content that supports your ranking growth. It means you can rest assured that your content is always focused on furthering your rankings, written with the purpose of educating users, strengthening your brand message and containing just the right amount to overshadow your competitors.

Engaging Social Media Posts

We understand that Social Media can be time-consuming for brands, and with the ever-changing algorithms, it can be a minefield. After a social media audit is conducted across your platforms and a bit of competitor analysis, we devise a social media strategy, implemented across the most suitable platforms for your business. 

Then, our team of talented content creators produce a consistent stream of content sure to get you noticed.

Graphic Design

Our talented team of in-house designers are on hand to help bring your visions to life, creating infographics and visual content for your platforms. Our designers work within your brand guidelines to strengthen your brand identity and deliver consistency across all digital platforms

Video Editing & Production

With our talented team of video editors and photographers, we bring the film studio to you. With a clear brief, based on our Social Media and Marketing goals the team will work with you to create regular and reusable video content.

For Video Editing, we can utilise videos taken directly by you, and form them into reels, short advertising or any format that will help you get ahead.

When we’re in control of production, the team comes to you to get the shots we need, or alternatively, we will take advantage of our own set-up utilising the services or products we need to get on display.

Live Reporting

All clients have access to our digital reporting software to see live results on how their accounts are performing. This gives you the control to see reports at any given time when it suits you.

And if you need a bit more, your dedicated account manager will ensure you get the answers.

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