How the apprenticeship programme supports our web development

Written by Sam

At Brand Ambition, we believe in the power of nurturing talent to drive innovation and excellence. It is built into the core of our culture, we love learning new skills and diversifying our approach to become better, and more knowledgeable marketeers. 

Our recent strategic expansions in web development have not only enhanced our service offerings but also propelled us towards an ambitious revenue goal. A key player in this growth story is Sophie Wright, whose journey from a designer to developer has made her a pivotal team member and showcases the effectiveness of government led apprenticeship orgrammes as source for upskilling and training staff members.

What Do The Coders Guild, ASDA, and The Government Have in Common?

These three entities play pivotal roles as strategic partners in Brand Ambition’s impressive revenue growth. The Government provides the framework through its Apprenticeship Scheme, enabling businesses to hire and train new talent in vital skills for the digital age. For more information on how the Apprenticeship Scheme works, you can visit the UK Government’s Apprenticeship page.

The Coders Guild, a key player in this framework, recruited and is currently training Sophie Wright, a standout apprentice who has made significant contributions to our projects. Discover more about The Coders Guild and their training programs at The Coders Guild website.

Meanwhile, ASDA, utilising the Apprenticeship Levy, funds Sophie’s training. The Apprenticeship Levy is a UK tax on employers which is used to fund apprenticeship training. For further details about the Apprenticeship Levy and how it is transforming the workforce, see the overview provided by the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education.

This investment not only supports her professional development but also enhances our operational capabilities, leading to tangible growth in our revenue. Together, these partnerships exemplify a successful collaboration between public initiatives and private enterprise, demonstrating a shared commitment to fostering talent and driving economic growth.

7 Things You Need Reminding About SMEs and Apprenticeships


  1. Extensive Funding: SMEs can access funding that covers 95% of apprenticeship training and assessment costs. The Levy pot can cover the other 5%, so the training is 100% funded.
  2. Extra Incentives: Additional £1,000 incentives are available for hiring young apprentices.
  3. Diverse Training Options: Access to funded training in over 600 job roles allows for significant business diversification.
  4. Increased Productivity: 78% of employers report that apprenticeships boost productivity.
  5. Flexible Training Schedules: The funding system for SMEs offers flexibility in training choices and schedules.
  6. High Retention Rates: Apprentices often stay with their employers, reducing hiring costs.
  7. Untapped Funding: Over £500 million in funding was unclaimed last year, offering significant growth opportunities for SMEs

A Closer Look at Our Web Design Department’s Unique Approach

At Brand Ambition, we’re not just about creating websites; we’re about crafting powerful digital tools that propel your business forward. Our “SEO First™ Web Design” service embodies this philosophy perfectly, ensuring that every website we build is not only visually stunning but also optimised from the outset to enhance your online presence.

Our process begins with a rigorous analysis of your current sales tactics and branding efforts. This foundational work helps us align our web design precisely with your business objectives, transforming your website into a robust lead generation engine. We dive deep into keyword research, competitor analysis, and content strategy from the very beginning, ensuring that when your site launches, it hits the ground running with impactful SEO.

What sets Brand Ambition apart is our commitment to delivering a comprehensive suite of services wrapped into every project. From initial design to content population and ongoing SEO support, we ensure every aspect of your website is meticulously crafted to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Our websites are more than just digital spaces; they are vital, dynamic parts of your sales team, designed to be as functional as they are beautiful.

Our all-inclusive approach means you’re not left to fend for yourself post-launch. We understand that your website is a living entity in the digital ecosystem, requiring ongoing nurturing to thrive. Therefore, we offer continuous support and consultancy, ensuring your site remains relevant and effective regardless of the ever-changing nature of the digital landscape.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your online presence and drive tangible business results, let’s get started. Brand Ambition is here to transform your digital strategy from ordinary to extraordinary. Contact us today and discover the difference a truly integrated web design approach can make.

Maximising Apprentice Impact in Web Development

At Brand Ambition, Sophie’s transition from a seasoned designer to a burgeoning web developer exemplifies how strategically leveraged apprenticeships can significantly enhance our service delivery. Sophie, while new to development, brought a rich background in design which smoothed her shift into web development, supported by a well-structured apprenticeship programme.

Here’s how Sophie is integrated into our projects:

  1. Strategic Development Partner: We partner with a strategic development expert who works closely with Sophie, guiding her through the complexities of web development. This partnership ensures that our websites are not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically sound.
  2. Internal SEO and Content Teams: While Sophie focuses on the technical and design aspects of website building, our internal SEO team handles content writing and SEO migration. This collaboration ensures that each website is optimised for search engines right from the start, making them ready to rank higher and perform better.
  3. Branding Support: Our internal branding team supports Sophie by providing branding and imagery that align with our clients’ visions. This synergy between design and branding ensures that each project resonates with the targeted audience and reflects the client’s identity perfectly.
  4. Continuous Learning and Support: Sophie’s development is bolstered by continuous learning opportunities and support from her mentors and peers within the company. This environment not only accelerates her growth as a web developer but also enhances her ability to contribute effectively to our projects.

Sophie’s role at Brand Ambition is a prime example of how apprentices can drive real value in a business setting, particularly when their training is aligned with strategic business goals and supported by experienced professionals. Her journey from design to development underscores our commitment to nurturing talent and adapting our workforce to meet evolving business needs effectively.

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