Full Time Paid Media Executive

Career Details

Starting Position: Digital Marketing Paid Media Executive

Location: Hybrid Working (Must be able to travel to Leeds Regularly for meetings)

Hours Expectations: Full-Time. Fully Flexible Working Hours. 36 Hours per week. 

Typical Hours: Core Hours of 11am to 3pm, Monday to Friday

Salary: Up to £25,000 depending on experience.

Bonus: 5% of Maintained, Renewed and New Managed Contracts 

Holiday Allowance: 23 Days + Bank Holidays + 2 Additional N.I. Bank Holidays

What’s your Ambition?

Brand Ambition is the award-winning SME Digital Brand Marketing Agency with an SEO First Focus. We work to create challenger brands and help small businesses become big businesses.

We are looking for enthusiastic self-starters who have a demonstrated love of data, numbers and making performance-enhancing ads for clients with a limited budget. Our clients have small advertising budgets and trust us to make the most of every penny. 

We utilise traditional advertising methods alongside Paid media platforms such as Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook and TikTok. 

We love passion projects, so whether its something you did for a client or a project you did for the hell of it, we want to see that too.

This is a chance to own and shape your own team within the agency by growing the service and earn bonuses and rewards as a result.

Roles and responsibilities

We’re a small team, so we are looking for someone who is happy to chip in on a bit of everything as and when needed but here is a list of core things you’ll be up to

Core Responsibilities

  • Supporting Account Management and Client Liason
  • Support Development and Management of Paid Advertising strategies from thought through to execution in conjunction with the Senior team
  • Develop and Manage Paid Media strategies from thought through to execution in conjunction with the SEM and Director team.
  • Work closely with the Directors to set realistic client targets.
  • Work closely with the Directors to assist in the positive representation of Brand Ambition and grow the company through the development of Intellectual Property and Shareable content.
  • Work to develop a Paid Media strategy for Brand Ambition, working with Directors to execute it.
  • Work to continually improve your department, analysing for areas of improvement where the results ensure better operational efficiency and improved performance.

Day to Day Responsibilities

  • Reviewing client paid media channels and implementing optimisation strategies.
  • Contributing to new advertising campaigns and executing ideas alongside the design team to achieve results.
  • Writing Reports on Paid Advertising Results
  • Writing Articles to further promote the Brand Ambition Paid Media Services
  • Developing Paid Media Strategies
  • Overseeing and Managing Paid Media campaigns
  • Working with the Brand Team to Proof artwork and Copy Writing
  • Working with the Brand Team on campaign development

Required Expectations

  • Previous experience is required at least one year.
  • Proof of ability to successfully manage campaigns and optimise them.
  • Capable of managing multiple projects
  • Software proficient or a demonstrable willingness to learn
  • Microsoft and Google Publishing Software such as Excel, Sheets, Word, Docs, Powerpoint & Slides.
  • Website Structure, Different Browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge.
  • Email – GMail
  • Analytics
  • Adwords
  • Facebook and Linkedin Paid Advertising Channels
  • Have a sound and demonstrable understanding of the full Digital Marketing Mix
  • Putting the customer at the centre of your methodologies and practice.
  • A strong self-starter, who is able to work independently and in a team with empathy as well as the ability to resolve conflicts of opinion with diplomacy, discretion and maturity.
  • You will present clearly and persuasively with enthusiasm and rationalisation to internal teams
  • You will have good client, internal interpersonal and communication skills

Why work for Brand Ambition?

We are an organic growing company with a passion for SMEs (Small Medium Enterprise). We like taking something that a company has crafted over years and working with them to elevate it to challenge their competitors. 

Our clients are the diamonds in the rough. We are here to help them shine, help them become the next big thing and support them on their journey.

If you have a passion for learning about other businesses, then we want to hear from you. If you’ve managed to earn even £1 online through your own digital marketing efforts then we definitely want to hear from you. 

Company Initiatives

The Social Responsibility Marketing Initiative

As part of the companies “Give Back” initiative we are in the process of creating the Brand Ambition Academy. An initiative the supports the next generation of digital marketing talent via the apprenticeship scheme.

The initiative will recruit start-ups and SMEs with a socially responsible and conscious focus once a year. The Academy will then offer marketing services at a reduced rate to the companies signed up. 

We want to encourage the next generation to think about the companies they work for and the importance of having a positive impact on the world they work in.

Employment Benefits

  • Competitive Salary
  • Flexible – Semi-Remote Working
  • Fully Flexible Hours
  • Career Development
  • Enhanced Holidays
  • Employee Profit Share Scheme
  • Regular Home Deliveries 
  • Social Events

Not a Benefit, a requirement but it’s nice.

  • Highspec Laptop
  • Home Office Equipment as required
  • Company Pension

Is this the role for you?

Ready to join the team?

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