How to Extend Music to Fit Your Video

Written by Lex

Background music is an essential part of any video. It helps set the tone of the video and makes it more engaging to listen to. It can emphasise the hilarity of a comedy sequence or increase the tension of a horror sequence. But you can sometimes find the right track or segment of a track for your video, only to find that it’s too short to cover the entire sequence.

You can attempt to increase the length by manually copying the track, but this can be a little hit or miss and often requires a lot of tweaking to get it sounding just right.

Instead of this you can use a little bit of machine learning from inside of premiere pro and get your track sorted in moments.

First, you want to drag your track into your sequence. Then go to the essential sound drop down on the right. If you don’t see this then head to the effects workspace from the top and you should see it waiting for you.

Click ‘Music’, tick the ‘Duration’ box and once the analysis is finished, type in your target duration. Premiere will then attempt to extend the duration of that clip to your desired length.

If it does something similar to the video where it repeats the same short part over and over, then click customise and reduce the number of segments. This will increase the part of the track repeated and generally get you a more natural-sounding track.

And that’s pretty much it, you can now drag the music into position, set your desired volume and your video now has a complete soundtrack!


  • Lex

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